15W wireless fast charging era is coming soon

- Oct 10, 2018-

    To improve the user experience. At present, the wireless charging protocol is mainly the Qi standard of the WPC wireless charging alliance, in which the BPP covers products with an output power of 5 W or less, and the original EPP game includes a product larger than 5 W up to 15 W. With the increase of the wireless charging power of the mobile phone, the EPP authentication of the wireless transmitting end will become an inevitable trend, and the latest Qi version of the WPC wireless charging alliance is originally issued on March 8th with the version number v1.2. The standard specifies the relevant requirements of the EPP. The first webmaster of the game is the first to start the game. The first game is the same as Qi v1.2.3, Qi v1.2. 4 The following major updates: Reprinted from the stationmaster's home reprinted from the game network to reload Play network 1, the transmitter type MP-A11 was officially included in the Qi standard in Qi v1.2. 4; the home of the stationmaster, the first game of the first game, the EPP increased the temperature rise requirements; Reprinted from the bucket play network reloaded from the bucket network 3, the transmitter needs to use Q value to detect foreign objects on the interface surface before entering the power transmission phase; 4, increase the correction power loss calculation, expand the foreign body detection in the power transmission phase. The increased temperature rise requirement of EPP, Q value detection and correction power loss calculation make the wireless charging system more secure and the user experience is better.

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