After a long year, the iPhone’s charging trick is finally coming.

    At the Apple Autumn Conference last year, Apple released the AirPower wireless charging pillow that supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices. But so far, we still haven't seen it yet.

    A specific time is announced as usual, or a description such as "later this year" is used to limit the date to a certain period of time. Phil Schiller describes AirPower's launch time like this:

    So look for the AirPower charger next year.

    So in fact, strictly speaking, Apple has no words, not a jump ticket.

    It is only in the expectation of most people that AirPower should be officially announced for public sale at the spring conference at the beginning of this year; or it will be the only hardware in the WWDC "softest conference" in June; or before September. At some point, it was quietly on Apple's official website.

    But obviously these hopes have failed.If there is no accident, Apple's conference this year will only have the autumn new product launch in September.

Why do you have to wait so long for a wireless charging pad?

    Previously, news from Bloomberg said that Apple's engineers are very hoping that this date will be set before June. However, it has not been able to solve the heat problem caused by multi-device charging at the same time, and finally has to postpone the shelf date until September.

    Analyst Guo Mingxi also said in the Apple forecast report at the beginning of last month that AirPower only ushered in mass production in the third quarter.

    According to Apple's show video, AirPower will support simultaneous charging of multiple devices including iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. This will not only make the design of the product line quite complicated, but the biggest problem is still heating.

.wireless charger

    The effect of heat on wireless charging is not only a safety issue, but also has a great impact on charging efficiency. Just as the CPU will be down frequency due to excessive temperature, when the temperature of the charger reaches a critical value, it will reduce its output power and seriously affect the charging efficiency.

    At present, many wireless chargers that support Apple's 7.5w fast charge have built-in active cooling fans to reduce the impact of charging on charging efficiency.

    The wireless charging on the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X is based on the Qi standard. The Qi standard using electromagnetic induction technology needs to place the transmitting ring and the receiving ring respectively in the charger and the mobile phone, and then generate a periodically changing magnetic field through the transmitting coil, and the receiving coil senses a magnetic field change to generate a current.


    Therefore, this technology has a technical feature that a transmitting ring corresponds to a receiving ring.

    In this way, if you need to charge multiple devices at the same time on AirPower, and at the same time you have to charge at any position, it means that multiple emission rings must be placed inside the charger.

    The heating problem of a coil is enough for headaches. It is conceivable to solve the problem of heating problems of multiple coils. This does not count the power conversion problem caused by the combined interference of the coil modules.

    According to the message from the head network, AirPower will have 22 built-in charging coils, each of which can charge the Apple Watch separately. In addition, each coil is tiled, does not overlap each other, and each coil is very small, so small that the chip can precisely control the switching of each coil.

    According to Bloomberg News, Apple engineers have been conducting AirPower charging tests in the office to solve the problem of heat.

After charging efficiency and security are guaranteed, Apple's next step in AirPower is to use the experience.

    In addition to multi-device simultaneous charging and increased freedom of charging, AirPower also has a bright spot that automatically identifies the device type and then outputs the adapted power based on the device output.

    At the press conference, Phil Schiller said:

    AirPower will manage the charging of the device through a more efficient charging system that is not possible with current standards, but our team guides how to do this.

    Previously, sources from the supply chain said that Apple will put proprietary custom chips in AirPower for pairing and power management.Adding a custom chip is not the first time Apple has ever. Whether it's the S-series chips on Apple Watch, the W-series chips on AirPods and the Beats product line, or the T-series chips on the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro, it's Apple's best to take advantage of the ecological advantages of soft and hard.

Apple watch

    The meaning of AirPower is not only a good product, it is so simple

    Ben Bajarin, an analyst at research firm CreativeStrategies, has expressed dissatisfaction with AirPower's long-running ticket:

    At the iPhoneX conference, Apple announced that AirPower will be available in 2018, but now it is still more difficult than they think, and I hope that Apple can learn from it. But considering that AirPower is an indispensable part of Apple's ambitious strategy, caution will have little impact.

    Earlier, it was revealed that Apple engineers will work hard to cut off all the interfaces of the iPhone, and even tried to make an iPhone X prototype without a charging port. So AirPower is likely to be a very important part of Apple's future "wireless" strategy.


    In addition, with Apple's driving force in the market, AirPower will not only become a part of Apple's own development of wireless charging, but also likely to promote the development of wireless charging in the entire mobile phone market.

    After adding wireless charging to Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone X last year, the entire wireless charging industry has exploded.

    Take the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance as an example. When the iPhone was released, there were only more than 200 WPC members. With the release of the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X, WPC added more than the accumulated members in the past 9 years in less than a year. The number has exceeded 600.

    If there is no accident, the new iPhone released this year will also be equipped with wireless charging.

    AirPods, also a key product in the "wireless" strategy, has taken a very successful step. Although the price is as high as 1,288 yuan, AirPods is very popular in the market with seamless connection, excellent design and excellent sound quality.

    According to data provided by Guo Minghao, the total sales volume of AirPods in 2017 will be 13 million to 14 million, and the number in 2018 is expected to double to 28 million. According to Apple's third-quarter earnings report, AirPods' "other" category became the main growth point for Apple's revenue, with revenues of $3.740 billion, up 37% from $2.735 billion in the same period last year.

    Although Apple did not disclose the specific sales of AirPods, Tim Cook used the "incredibly popular" (extremely popular) to describe the popularity of this headset when it was mentioned in the report. It is also widely believed that the revenue growth of “other” categories is due in large part to AirPods.

airpod    Looking back, the current AirPower situation and AirPods are very similar before they were launched. In addition to the Wireless Charger Duo released by Samsung in the early days, the Dual Wireless Charging Pad from Belkin, and the crowdfunding project including WYREX, there are still few mature wireless charging products on the market that can simultaneously charge multiple devices at the same time.


    In addition to being able to simultaneously install a variety of devices, AirPower also has the advantages of being able to charge anywhere on the charging pillow, compatible with different devices (Apple), and the ecological advantages and experience advantages of Apple's soft and hard combination, AirPower will likely replica The success of AirPods has brought a new round of development to the long-standing wireless charging market.

    As Apple said at the press conference:

    I think we can make the wireless charging experience even better. Therefore, our team wants to create products that everyone wants to use. This is actually likely to help drive the industry forward. So why can't we wait for you to know about this product now?

    Yes, the cheaper fast charge program is on the road.

    Whether it's battery life or charging, it's an indisputable fact that the iPhone has fallen behind the average of mainstream flagship models. In many voices, Apple finally officially added a fast charge function to the iPhone last year.But the following things I believe everyone knows, even with the fast charge function, with the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series, it is still the ancestral 5V1A charging head.

    If you purchase Apple's 30W charging head +1 meter USB-C to lightning data cable, the price of the entire fast charging device will be as high as 531 yuan.


    The charging head is fine. Not only can the charging head of the MacBook and MacBook Pro be replaced, but other charging heads that support the PD protocol can actually charge your iPhone.

    But there is no way for the data cable, because Apple does not open the MFI certification for USB-C to lightning, so if you want to use fast charging on the iPhone, Apple's own USB-C lightning data cable can't escape. of.

    But the good news is that the USB-C-to-lightning MFI certification was finally officially released on September 6. Many MFI companies have already received e-mails from Apple's open certification, and believe that a cheaper fast-charge solution will come soon.