Analysis of Development Trend of China's Wireless Charging Market

- Apr 13, 2018-

  Currently, the main technical solutions for wireless charging include electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance, radio waves, and electric field coupling. Among them, electromagnetic induction and magnetic resonance are currently the two mainstream technical routes. The principle of electromagnetic induction charging is similar to that of a transformer. Each charging board and the receiving end have a charging coil and a magnetic core. After the charging board is aligned with the receiving end, high-efficiency wireless charging can be realized; the principle of magnetic resonance is the use of a charging board and a receiving end. At a uniform resonance frequency, energy is transmitted through resonance. At present, the magnetic induction wireless charging scheme has been implemented in Samsung, Sony, Google, Nokia and other brands of mobile phones. The relatively mature application scenario is the car. Qualcomm’s HALO wireless charging system developed for automotive uses magnetic resonance technology.

Wireless charging main technical solution

The wayPrinciple
Electromagnetic inductionThe current passes through the coil and generates a magnetic field, which generates an induced potential on the attached coil and generates a current.
Magnetic resonance
The transmitter energy encounters the receiver with the same resonance frequency, and the di resonance is performed by the di resonance.
Radio wavesTransform environmental electromagnetic waves into currents and transmit current through the circuit
Electric field couplingUse vertical induced currents to couple two sets of asymmetrically coupled electrons to transmit power
  The future wireless charging technology will be widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, electric cars, mobile power, wearable devices, medical and other fields. The wireless charging market has a promising future and is currently in the market introduction period.

The main application field of wireless charging in the future


  Samsung is the earliest promoter of wireless charging technology. From the note2 product in 2012, it launched an external wireless charging accessory kit. It only needs to attach the wireless charging sticker to the charging metal contact point reserved for the mobile phone to use the wireless charging function. . By 2015, Samsung has integrated wireless charging receiver boards on products such as note5, s6, and s6 edge.


Mobile wireless charging application scenario


    The mobile wireless charging market is expected to take the lead in 2017. 2015 is the first year of wireless charging in large-scale application of consumer electronics. Sony, Google NEXUS, MOTO, Nokia and other brands have started to build wireless charging modules on high-end machines, marking the maturity and modular composition of wireless charging technology. First-line brand recognition. The overall market penetration of mobile phone wireless charging is low. In 2017, it was the 10th anniversary of the launch of the iPhone. The market predicts that the next-generation iPhone will use wireless charging technology is a high-probability event and is expected to lead the smart phone to set off a wave of wireless charging. Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, etc. The follow-up of domestic brands will further promote the penetration rate of mobile wireless charging. It is expected that the application of mobile wireless charging technology will usher in an outbreak period.

    The electronic coil is an important component of the wireless charging module. With the increase of the mobile wireless charging module, the demand for the electronic coil will be released. In order to meet the market demand, wireless charging electronic coil manufacturing companies will expand production, and then pull the demand for automated winding equipment. As a leading enterprise in domestic automated winding equipment, Tanaka Seiki will fully benefit from it. In the future, with the large-scale promotion of wireless charging technology in other application fields, market demand will be further released.