Does the wireless battery charge exist?

- Aug 02, 2018-

As of 2009, wireless battery charging does exist, and several companies have products on the market that offer wireless charging. In the competition for the battery charging market, researchers are also working on the next generation of products. The electronics store may be the source of wireless charging equipment or it can be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Consumers think the idea of charging a wireless battery is attractive for several reasons. For many people, the idea of getting rid of tangled wires and wires is enjoyable, and wireless charging means that people don't have to worry about losing the charging adapter and other accessories. In addition, the concept is convenient; people can simply put them in the range of charging devices, instead of having to insert items into the wall, they will automatically charge.

Wireless battery charging technology can be better known as wireless charging. It involves the use of electromagnetic induction, which means that the device being charged needs to be in contact with the charger. The owner of an electric toothbrush may be familiar with inductive charging, as this technique is often used with rechargeable electric toothbrushes, in part to ensure a tight seal inside the battery.

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The charging flow on one side of the charging device induces a voltage in the device disposed on the charger or in the charger. The charging device can read the battery capacity and determine how much charging it needs, and such systems are typically able to charge quickly.

The problem with inductive charging is that the device being charged needs to have a coil corresponding to the charger. For the sale of products with wireless charging function, the coil is built-in, but the product should be able to be used for wireless charging mobile phones, PDAs and other devices such as charging pads, adapters or housings are needed, the device to be charged is inserted and placed on the mat. In addition, inductive charging is not as effective as simply plugging the device into the wall for charging.

Researchers have proposed developing systems that can transmit available energy in a small radius to achieve true wireless battery charging. A device equipped with a receiver can intercept energy and collect it to charge the battery. Although this technology has been proven in the experimental environment, it has not been refined to the extent that it is available to consumers.

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