E-Charging produce the latest wireless charger test device

- Aug 15, 2018-

    The test tool uses a wireless charging reception solution based on electromagnetic induction technology provided by EasyPulse Wireless. It complies with the WPC wireless charging standard and provides up to 10W of received power. It has many features such as compatibility, responsiveness and automatic detection. It is widely used for functional testing of wireless chargers during development and aging testing during mass production and delivery.

wireless charger device.jpg

    The test tool uses the structural design of two PCB boards. Each of the four corners is supported by a copper post. There are two PCB boards on the top for heat dissipation. There are two digital tubes on the upper PCB, representing voltage and current, respectively, and the test data is accurately displayed by the high-precision ADC sampling module.

car wireless charger.jpg

    At the bottom of the test tool is the Qi standard A11 receiver coil module. The coil is hidden inside a transparent acrylic panel. Beautifully designed and works well.


    The upper and lower PCB boards are detachable and connected by four wires.

wireless charger.jpg

    The interior is equipped with two 10W metal case resistors and a buzzer.

fast charger.jpg

    The wireless charger test platform supports WPC's Qi standard BPP protocol and its own fast charging protocol, with a maximum receiving power of up to 10W. High compatibility and automatic identification. If the wireless charger does not support wireless fast charging, it will display 5V / 1A.

5w wireless charger.jpg