How much can wireless charging efficiency be, how fast is charging, and is there radiation?

Here to clarify the efficiency, charging speed and whether there is radiation, many people have questions and concerns.

Charging efficiency?

Charging efficiency generally refers to the overall efficiency of the receiving end and the transmitting end, but does not include the efficiency of the adapter (5V adapter efficiency is generally around 90% of 25). The efficiency of wireless charging at this stage is generally about 70% 25 (mostly 65% 25~75% 25), depending on the design of the charger and transmitter there will be some differences. If the transmitter and receiver are separated, the general transmitter efficiency is about 80% 25, the receiver efficiency is about 90% 25, and the overall efficiency is about 70% 25. The efficiency here generally refers to the efficiency at which a current of about 500 mA is provided, and in this case also the case of maximum efficiency. In fact, the efficiency of wireless charging is related to many factors, except that it is mainly related to the wireless charger and the receiving end, there are also some relations with the quality of the adapter, and the load situation has some relations.


Charging speed?

In fact, charging is not directly related to wireless chargers and wired chargers. Wireless chargers can also be charged fast, and wired chargers are also slow.

The charging speed is determined by the size of the charging current when the constant current charging is provided, and is generally determined by the specifications of the wireless charger. Some wireless chargers provide a large current, and some wireless chargers provide a small current.

Within a certain range, wireless and wired are similar, but because there is a certain efficiency loss in wireless, the current is too large to consider the problem of temperature rise, and the charging current of a mobile wireless charger is generally less than 1A.

The wireless charger generally provides an output current range of 300mA~1000mA, and the maximum output is generally within 800mA.

If 600mA charging current is provided, the corresponding output power is about 3W. According to the efficiency of 70%25, the input power of the wireless charger is about 4.3W, which is what we usually say within 5W. The adapter generally has to be more than 5W, corresponding to 5V%2F1A.

How big is the radiation?

The size of radiation, we have not yet had a quantitative indicator, follow-up will also find a professional structure test to compare a data analysis to everyone. Just give everyone a general idea that there must be some radiation, but the radiation is not large and there is no need to worry about it. Mainly for several reasons: First, mobile phone charging power is only about 5W, belonging to low power; Second, the distance is short, only 10mm or less, the surrounding radiation is small; Third, there is a magnetic isolation film at the transmitter and receiver, the radiation around the small Fourth, the operating frequency is low, the operating frequency is 110K~205KHz, and the radiation to the human body is small.