Mate20 wireless charger design map exposure, up to 20W charging faster

    A well-known digital blogger exposed the base design of Huawei's wireless charger on Weibo, and speculated that it is likely to appear on Huawei's flagship Mate20 in the second half of the year. As can be seen on the design, the charger has a maximum output power of 20W, which is far from most wireless charger products on the supermarket.

    At present, there are two types of wireless charging technology standards: QI and PMA. QI is more common, and mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung support this standard. On the design, we can see that the wireless charger has a QI logo, which is compatible with the QI charging standard. This means that any QI-certified mobile phone product can use this charger.

wireless charger

    The charger supports up to 20W of output power, far exceeding the wireless charging power of the flagship model that has been released on the market. Samsung Note 9 supports up to 10W wireless fast charge. When Apple uses iOS 11 system, the wireless charging power of iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X is limited to 5W. After upgrading iOS 11.2 beta system, the maximum power is only 7.5W.

    The charger is likely to fit on the upcoming Mate20. According to Huawei's long-standing strong product strength, the latest flagship Mate20's wireless fast charging function will be greatly improved. If the guess is accurate, Mate20 will greatly improve the embarrassing situation of slow wireless charging in the mobile phone industry.