Mobile phone accessories, a minute to quickly understand what is a wireless charger

Wireless charging seems like a new thing. In fact, the concept of wireless transmission energy existed in 1891.

At present, this small device is slowly taking over the market, which makes it easier to charge mobile devices such as hands.

So, what is his working principle and what are the benefits?

How to run


The current wireless technology works through inductive charging because it involves too much complex physical knowledge.

Here is a simple explanation.

It's like you put an item in the middle of two magnets. According to the material thickness, even if the magnets are separated, they will stick together.

Think of wireless charging as a wire with a loop, and then use the phone as another nearby wire.

Once power is running through the first loop, it will cause the second loop to become energized.

If the two wire loops have the same resonance, the power can be transmitted to another, so that the charging effect is achieved.