Mobile phone wireless charging comprehensive review: wireless charger you need to understand this knowledge

Mobile terminal

Since the wireless charging pad has power limitations, the phone is naturally the same. Currently mainstream smartphones (mostly using the Basic Power Profile configuration) support wireless chargers with 5 to 10W output power.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S series phone can support 10W wireless charging, while the Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X can support 7.5W wireless charging, of course, the conversion power will be lower.


In addition, smartphones that support the relatively fast wireless standard Extended Power Profile are also being launched this year. Currently, the familiar Sony XZ2 series and LG V30 series have a receiving power of about 10W, but they also need to support the Extended Power Profile configuration. Wireless charger.

In summary, different mobile phones need to be equipped with different specifications of wireless chargers, but for most mobile phones, a wireless charger that supports 10W output is enough. In addition, many wireless chargers do not necessarily come with a charging head and a data cable. They need to be selected according to their input power and fast charge standard.

Although the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X are compatible with the Qi standard, not all Qi wireless chargers can make them reach 7.5W fast charge. For details, please see the following article: "Mf must be recognized! Talk to you about the tricks of Apple wireless charging.

In addition to power, what do you need to pay attention to?

FOD foreign object detection

FOD foreign object detection should be the most basic safety function of wireless charger. When there is metal foreign matter between the mobile phone and the wireless charger, the wireless charger will sense and cut off the power to prevent metal foreign matter from overheating.

However, the FOD function can not be judged by the publicity parameters. It can only be seen through actual measurement. Most of the wireless chargers on the market are qualified for FOD foreign object detection.

cooling problem

The output power of the wireless charger is not constant, and the peak power mainly depends on the design material and heat dissipation method of the wireless charger. We recommend to buy a model equipped with an active cooling fan. Although it is thick, it generally outputs peak power. The time is longer.


Charging distance

Qi wireless charger's maximum charging distance is about 10 mm, so each protective cover can also be charged, you do not need to "light off" the phone to charge.

With the development of the Qi standard, the cost of wireless charging technology has gradually dropped, and more and more products are around 100 yuan, and the experience cost is low. At present, Xiaomi Huawei has begun to try to add wireless charging to its products. It can be expected that the wireless charging function will have greater popularity in this year and next.