Mobile phone wireless charging mainstream chip introduction

- Aug 29, 2018-

    A wireless charger is a charger connected to a terminal device that needs to be charged without a conventional charging power cord.Using the latest wireless charging technology, using the magnetic field generated between the coils, the magical power transmission, the inductive coupling technology will become a bridge connecting the charging base station and the equipment.

    Wireless charging technology won 20 patents in 2007, and various devices can use charging base stations.Wired charging of phones, MP3 players, power tools and other power adapters will not exist.

    Smartphone and consumer electronics manufacturers urgently need wireless power-led technology to help customers promote the technology and simplify the process of charging people's devices.

Now, many wireless charging manufacturers are looking for big-name chips.The prices of several leading wireless charging IC companies are listed below.Have one or more price details.The prices are offered by well-known large dealers.The higher the order quantity, the higher the price.The cheaper it is.

    TI's BQ51003 wireless power receiver:

    BQ51003 is a used in portable applications for wireless power transmission of high integrated receiver IC, in view of the power of 2.5 W and the following, the optimization of the application of the device can provide ac/dc power conversion, and integrate the use of Qi v1.2 communication protocol for digital control function through the combined with BQ500210 sender, controller, BQ51003 can provide a wireless power supply solutions with a complete contactless power transmission system.

    IDT P9025A ultra-small Qi wireless power receiver:

    IDT P9025A is an integrated single chip microcomputer, WPC - power 1.1.2 compatible wireless receiver and an advanced foreign body detection (FOD) characteristics of the device working in resonant ac power signals and convert them to a 5.3 v output voltage regulating the receiver includes an efficient synchronization of the whole bridge rectifier and 5.3 v output phase tracking "P9025A run automatically detect transducer type and start the WPC communication modulation communication protocol and the best efficiency of the equipment including the need to adjust the load messaging package of WPC compatible with the base station control circuitIt USES minimal external components and reduces overall solution area and cost.

    NXP NXQ1TXH5 Wireless Charging Transmitter IC:

    NXQ1TXH5 controller and driver IC for 5 V qi certification, in line with the low power wireless charger provides a fully integrated solutions, including a 5 V full bridge power stage, as a wireless charging alliance (WPC) defined 5 V qi standard 12 a and 5 a 11 a 16 a NXQ1TXH5 using dedicated testing equipment based on circuit simulation flat NXQ1TXH5 transmitter operating from a single USB power limit the power consumption of each device.

    There are several competing wireless charging standards in the market. Currently, the dominant one is the Qi wireless charging standard of WPC, which mainly adopts the magnetic induction technology of tightly coupled coils.However, major industrial clusters are undergoing consolidation and many chip companies are developing standards and products for magnetic resonance charging.Two major wireless charging alliances, PMA and A4WP, announced the merger, which will focus on integrating magnetic resonance and magnetic induction technologies to enable multiple modes of charging.

    Wireless charging trends are illustrated by the display of wireless charging products by several leading chip companies, with qualcomm showing cars with wireless charging, and mediatek and broadcom showing multiple standard phone chargers.This resonance standard cannot be widely used in products, but industry experts hope such products can ease the market transition.