Pixel 3 supports wireless charging! But Google’s purpose may be more than just a mobile phone.

    On October 9th, Google held a new product launch conference in New York in 2018. GooglePiexl3/Piexl3XL and other new smart hardware products were officially available. The new machine not only supports wireless charging, but Google also has a charger for its GoogleStand, which can even be connected to a smart home system. If it is other mobile phone manufacturers, we can also guess the probability of its purpose is to follow the industry trend and improve its competitiveness, but after the object is changed to Google, perhaps behind it is not so simple!

wireless charger

    From the mobile phone industry dynamics and various research conducted by Google, the main factors of this Piexl3 equipped with wireless charging may be these:

    First, the most common reason is that Samsung, Apple and other big brands have been equipped with wireless charging on high-end wire cloth. Other brands such as Xiaomi and LG are also following up. After almost every mobile phone brand began to apply this technology more or less, it is normal for Google to choose to follow up. After all, Samsung has news that it is necessary to lay out the low-end wireless charging, and it may be too late to act.


    Second, in fact, as early as 2012, Google launched the Nexus4 mobile phone with built-in wireless charging, and the Nexus5 and Nexus6 were also equipped. Unfortunately, perhaps the market acceptance of wireless charging technology is still relatively low in the early years, these products have not caused much concern, after 2014, Google has not continued to carry this feature for the new machine. After four years, wireless charging technology has also made a lot of progress. Under the promotion of the mobile phone industry, market recognition is also increasing. Google’s resumption of wireless charging of mobile phones should be said to be the general trend. R&D experience is there, how can I use it?


    Third, wireless charging technology for Google is not only for mobile phones, such as the launch of the base GoogleStand, it shoulders the dual task of wireless charging and connecting smart home systems. It's easy to think of whether Google is considering adding wireless charging to smart home systems. After all, wireless charging has more room for smart homes than mobile phones.


    At present, there are many smart speakers, smart table lamps, smart table cabinets, etc. that support wireless charging. Some products are wirelessly charged to serve mobile phones, while others are used to charge the products themselves. Last year, Xiaomi crowdfunding once put on a smart projector Me2, its speaker and projector are split design, the projector has built-in Wi-Po magnetic resonance wireless charging technology, the charging area is marked on the top of the host, and the speaker is placed on it. Rechargeable, eliminating the need for extra connection wiring troubles.

wireless speaker

    From software development to AI, cloud computing, cloud services, to smart home systems, Google has been walking at the forefront of technology exploration for many years. Although the reasons we guessed could not be verified, it did meet the wireless charging again. Looking forward to the research and promotion of Google and many companies, wireless charging can truly become a technology to serve the public, and the shackles of cable will eventually be broken!