QC4 quick charge mobile phone

    QC4.0: upgrade the power to 28W again, and add USB PD support to cancel the 12V voltage range,5V maximum output 5.6a,9V maximum output 3A, and the voltage range continues to be subdivided into 20mV as A QC4, with three major improvements, namely the double-charge intelligent thermal balance and advanced security features.

QC 4.0

    According to Qualcomm, QC 4.0 has added Dual Charge technology, which can increase charging speed by 20% and efficiency by 30% compared to QC 3.0. At the same time, QC 4.0 also added support for USB Type-C and USB-PD.

    Nubia's Nubian Z17 first supported QC4.0 fast charging. However, Qualcomm emphasized that nubia supports QC4.0+. Qualcomm claims that equipment using QC 4+ technology can speed up 15%, increase efficiency by 30%, and 3°C (5°F).