Safe and convenient wireless charger

- Mar 23, 2018-

Conveniently, needless to say, in addition, wireless charging is also safer, there is no exposed connector, and the potential safety hazards such as leakage and runaway electricity are completely avoided. Some people are worried about the problem of radiation. This technology was first used in water purifiers. It has been eight years since then. The safety has been verified by 36 countries, certainly not causing harm to the human body and the environment. According to reports, wireless charging is basically the transmission of energy through the magnetic field, and most of the objects around humans and human beings are non-magnetic. Another benefit of wireless charging is power saving. The performance of the wireless charging device is about 70%, which is equal to that of a wired charging device. However, it has an automatic full-off function to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. And this performance acceptance rate continues to increase and it will soon reach 98%.