Samsung Huawei blessing, IDT15W wireless charging solution performance as high as 86%

As the only manufacturer in the industry with experience in large-scale wireless charging chip shipments, IDT has launched a 15W wireless charging solution on the Samsung S9 as a star product, supporting up to 15W and up to 86% efficiency conversion. On April 27th, the first wireless charging technology seminar hosted by e-sports enthusiasts will have IDT heavyweight guests to release the forward-looking viewpoint and product plan of the wireless charging market.

In March, the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance released the latest Qi standard on the official website, the version number is V1.2.4. This new standard was enforced on March 8, and the four major changes brought about by the standard:

The registered product classification is changed from BPP, BPP+FOD, EPP to BPP and EPP;

EPP increases the temperature rise requirement;

Tx adds magnetic material detection in the 7cm diameter area of the coil;

Increase the protection guidelines for Tx products for NFC/RFID cards.

The release of the new standard has set off waves in the industry. Which one is Apple's 7.5W and Samsung 15W wireless charging solution?

Why is wireless charging leading the trend of smartphone replacement in 2018? Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi have all launched wireless charging solutions at the flagship level, which is due to the overall improvement of the wireless charging experience. The author understands that the charging efficiency of the 5W wireless charging solution can reach 72%, the charging efficiency of the 10W wireless charging solution can reach 83%, and the charging efficiency of the 15W wireless charging solution can reach 86%.