Small features can also enhance happiness, Xiaomi Max 3 seconds to change the treasure

    The Millet Max 3 features a 6.9-inch FHD+ full-screen display with a battery capacity of up to 5,500 mAh, allowing it to last a full day even when used in heavy use. As a brand new product of the classic big screen series, compared with the previous generation Xiaomi Max 2, Max 3 is upgraded in terms of screen, power, processor, camera, etc., of course, including the reverse charging function.


    Xiaomi Max 3 has upgraded this “Jianghu Emergency” function, adding a Ti chip from Texas Instruments to the motherboard to provide greater current output. Compared with the traditional 5V500mA reverse charging technology, Xiaomi Max 3 can provide high current output of up to 1.2A. Through the self-developed reverse charging algorithm, the reverse charging is greatly improved under the premise of ensuring the stability and safety of the mobile phone itself. effectiveness. With the built-in 5500mAh ultra-large capacity battery of the Xiaomi Max 3, the second-time portable charging treasure can quickly recharge other electronic devices.


    With the 5500mAh ultra-large capacity battery, the measured millet Max 3 can be filled with an iPhone X, with 20% remaining. The charging current can be stabilized at about 1.2A, and the peak current can even reach 1.3A or more, and the charging efficiency is obviously improved.