Smartphones are beginning to popularize wireless charging, will wireless charging become the next air outlet?

There are already a lot of wireless charging technology devices in public places, such as KTV, cafes, KFC and other public places. Now wireless shared charging has become a hot topic in the charging world. In particular, Xiaobai shared wireless charging to break the restrictions, not only better meet the user's urgent need for charging, but also increase the focus media business combined with charging. It is all because of the strong wireless charging technology support. So what do you know about the principle of wireless charger technology? Let me give you a brief introduction.

Wireless charging technology stems from the wireless power transmission technology that uses magnetic resonance to transfer charge in the air between the charger and the device. The coil and capacitor form a resonance between the charger and the device to realize efficient energy transmission.

It utilizes the principle of electromagnetic wave induction and related AC induction technology. It uses a corresponding coil to transmit and receive the AC signal generated by the transmitting and receiving ends to charge. The user only needs to put the charging device in one. You can charge on the “flat”.

This electromagnetic induction wireless charging solution is by far the most stable solution. Xiaobai shared wireless charging is to adopt such a technical solution, and then equipped with Xiaobai's high-quality hardware equipment, which can support the charging requirements of four mobile phones. In order to let many mobile phone users enjoy the convenience and convenience brought by wireless charging, Xiaobai has developed the merchant platform of Focus Media and Public Comment, which can increase the interests of merchants and improve the user experience. I believe this solution The model will be the trend of the future market.

From the recent press conference of mobile phone brands, more and more smart phones are also equipped with wireless charging functions, such as iPhone Xs, Samsung S9, Xiaomi MIX 3, Huawei MATE20, etc. Many friends are no strangers to this function. It is. You don't need a mobile phone and any power connection to charge, and you don't have to worry about not turning off the power outside. If you choose a mobile phone that supports wireless charging, these problems will be solved. It can be seen that the development of charging wireless technology is linked to the development of many related industries, and each step of the development of shared wireless charging is closely related to people's lives.