The designer developed a remote wireless charger NIC that can also be charged automatically within 5 meters of the space.

- Oct 16, 2018-

    Wireless charging is now gaining popularity, but the current mainstream Qi wireless charging standard still needs to make the phone and charger contact. However, recently the designer developed a remote wireless charger NIC, which can also be automatically charged when the space is 5 meters.


    It is reported that this NIC charger consists of two parts, one is the charging base connected to the wall outlet, and the other is the ultra-thin portable charging board connected to the mobile phone. The user only needs to connect the ultra-thin dedicated charging pad to the mobile phone case and connect it to the mobile phone, and then wirelessly charge it anywhere within 5 meters from the charging base.

    The principle of its work is that during operation, the NIC charger converts the electrical energy into a type of radio wave and uses the receiving device connected to the mobile phone to acquire the electric wave, which is then converted into electrical energy.

    However, it is less efficient than wired charging. If your phone usually takes 2.5 hours to fully charge, it may take about 3 hours to use it. But compared to the convenience it brings, this extra time is obviously not worth mentioning.

    This is a very novel technology for the public, and this allows us to get rid of the "dog chain" of the charging line forever. At present, the crowdfunding price of the NIC charger is 73 dollars, about 505 yuan, and it is expected to be shipped in December 2019.