The meaning of wireless charging

Since you have entered a wireless charging, pick it up and put it on. The benefits can be seen from these points:

1, save trouble: do not need to pay attention to the power, do not need to plug in the phone line to play mobile phones. More need to pull the line when leaving.

2, battery maintenance: Lithium battery features are used with the charge, keep using, not long-term overshoot, but put. If the mobile phone is not idle, it will not overshoot, mainly because it is over-released. The use of wireless charging is basically between 80% and 100%. Very beneficial for battery maintenance.

3, reduce interface loss: I am from the 6P people, obviously can feel the 8P interface has damping, guessing should be waterproof. Everyone knows that the waterproof properties will decrease with the use. Generally use wireless charging, reduce the drag line to play the phone I think the interface loss will be much smaller.

Of course, you should also have a charger with a fast charge (such as iPad, or buy a 29W and cable), in case you need it. The current wireless charging official has made a limit, and it is almost impossible to get up. Just as a trickle charger for the debris time.