The wireless charger is the next accessory gold mine

    For smartphones that have reached the bottleneck stage, every novelty function is seen as a killer for stimulating consumer purchases. For example, iris recognition, 3D Touch, full screen, deep beauty, etc. But many novelty features that are highly anticipated are not as popular as they were when they were launched. Among them, wireless charging is very representative.

    When wireless charging first appeared, it looked very practical and trendy. Directly placed on the base to charge, meet the charging needs anytime, anywhere, no cable binding, etc., so wireless charging is expected. But when wireless charging is really popular in the market, people think that wireless charging is just a chicken-ribbon function, and its attention is rapidly reduced. However, after a comprehensive analysis of wireless charging, it can be found that wireless charging is actually leading a new wave, and is expected to become the next accessory "gold mine."

Chicken ribs! Wireless charging is not popular

    A survey released by online survey company SurveyMonkey found that wireless charging is the most anticipated feature of the new iPhone last year. But after the official launch, many people think that wireless charging is a chicken rib – they are not excited about the way they charge without using cables. In a survey of research firm IHS, only 29% said they used wireless charging last year.

    The reason may be that many people think that wireless charging is even worse than the real form they are looking for. Consumers often need accessories from companies such as Samsung, Mophie and Anker to achieve wireless charging. These accessories are made up of a base, a bracket, etc., although it is not necessary to plug the cable into the phone, but the accessory must be connected to the power outlet via a cable - it is not convenient enough.

    Another important reason is that wireless charging is less efficient at transmitting energy than traditional charging methods. Mophie executives said that in general, when the power of the two types of chargers is the same, the wireless speed is about 15% slower.

It doesn't really get rid of the flaws of the cable, but also has a lower charging efficiency. It seems reasonable that wireless charging becomes a chicken rib and is unpopular. It seems that wireless charging will regain the favor of consumers unless there is a fundamental change in product form or charging efficiency.

    Suitable for different scenarios, wireless charging is expected to become "toon"

    Since wireless charging is not popular, why not cut off related accessories? In this regard, accessory manufacturers have their own ideas. For example, Charlie Quong, vice president of product development at Mophie, said that wireless charging accessories are suitable for places where people spend a lot of time, such as bedrooms, cars and offices. This eliminates the hassle of inserting cables into the phone and allows people to charge the phone more often. In this regard, Charlie Quong also believes that "there is no need to insert a mobile phone, charging the phone around the clock. This feature is really convenient."

    In the evaluation of wireless charging usage scenarios by foreign media, this function is also highly evaluated. For example, in the bedroom and office scenes, the charging stand is very convenient. It can lift the phone at an angle and turn the phone into an alarm clock. With a glance at the phone screen, people can know the time or schedule reminders. After turning off the lights at night, it is much more convenient to put the phone on the stand than to plug in the cable.

    In the out-of-office scenario, wireless charging can also bring more convenience. For example, Mophie has introduced a charging treasure with built-in wireless charging function. Just put the phone and wireless charging treasure in the bag, you can charge the phone, and also eliminate the trouble of plugging in the cable. As for the driving scene, the wireless charging stand provided by the accessory manufacturer can be stuck in the air conditioning vents and the like. People can charge at any time while driving safely, whether it is to put on or take off the phone.Wireless charging that can be applied to different scenes is actually a "clam". It really changes the way people charge, making work and life more comfortable.

    Become a new accessory "gold mine"! Accessories manufacturers are looking for a key to breaking

Of course, it is not easy to reverse the impression that people are too rude to wireless charging in a short period of time. After all, in a short period of time, the two problems of requiring cable access and slow charging are still not solved. However, accessory manufacturers have begun to make multiple innovations, trying to make wireless charging accessories more attractive.

    For example, launching a more suitable wireless charging accessory for different scenarios, so that the wireless charging stand appears more in the bedroom or office. In addition, accessory manufacturers are also introducing wireless charging accessories that are more compatible with cars, so that more people can experience the comfort of wireless charging when they travel.

    There are even accessory manufacturers who have been creative and make wireless charging accessories less boring. For example, the 6-second store of the Japanese company Chocolate has launched a magic array wireless charger, in the middle is a wireless charging area for charging the mobile phone, surrounded by a huge magic array. It seems that this wireless charging accessory is relatively "second two", but it has great appeal to the second-yuan enthusiasts. If the accessory manufacturers can combine creativity, IP, etc. for different people's preferences, I believe that it can promote the popularity of wireless charging accessories.

    It is suitable for more scenes and easy to use wireless charging, in fact, it is the next accessory "gold mine". As the wireless charging function starts to be released to the low-end mobile phone, I believe that the wireless charging accessory can also usher in its own spring. If the cost can be further reduced, it is possible that the wireless charging accessory can be as important as the cell phone film and the case.