What are the opportunities for wireless charging?

- Apr 20, 2018-

What are the opportunities?

Opportunity points are analyzed from several aspects, from the perspective of investment, from the analysis of the industry chain, chips, solutions and terminal brand products.

The chip is upstream. The core and profit of the entire wireless charging are mainly from the chip. Now it is mainly European and American manufacturers. When the market grows slowly, it will certainly transfer to domestic chip manufacturers. This is a huge opportunity, but it is also a challenge to technology and capital. The biggest piece.

The solution company needs a professional R&D team, strong R&D capabilities and speeds from R&D to mass production. The company's opportunity lies in its professionalism.

The end product lies in the brand and reputation, making amazing products and powerful marketing and promotion capabilities are the future.

From another perspective, the future opportunities focus on two aspects. One is a big customer and the other is a differentiated product.

Large customers can bring large orders and stable capital, and can meet the needs of large-scale, high-quality control, high-efficiency production, and low-cost supply chain. Differentiated products can bring huge profits.