What is the PD Fast Charge Protocol?

    The full name of the PD should be called the USB Power Delivery Specification, a standard for fast charging introduced by the standardization group for USB.This quick charge standard has been running for several years, USB PD is now in version 3.0, and the PD quick charge we are talking about is usually PS 3.0.Products like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X support the PD3.0 protocol.

    So what is this agreement? We know that mobile phone fast charging has two implementation modes, one is a large voltage solution, such as Qualcomm's QC 3.0 uses a 9V/2A charging solution. OPPO's VOOC flash charging and one plus Dash flash charging are all 5V/5A high current solutions. Because the fast charging schemes of each family are slightly different, users cannot use each other.

    The USB PD protocol was introduced under this circumstance. He “naturalized” many fast charging protocols on the market. Since the mobile phone charging is charged through the USB interface, the USB standardization regulations must adjust the voltage and voltage through the USB PD protocol. Current. At the same time, Google also said that it is necessary to use the fast charge by the USB PD protocol. In disguise, everyone accepted the "overlord clause" of USB PD.