Where are the hot spots of wireless charging market segmentation?

    Since the release of Apple iphone x in September 2017, the wireless charging has been unusually hot, and various manufacturers have sold out of stock. The popularity of Baidu keyword search exceeds that of “smart phones”. In September 2018, Apple released a new model that supports wireless charging, which attracted a lot of attention. In the industry, the wireless charging market has once again swayed, some suppliers have orders to work overtime, and the trade market is also increasing. This craze was in line with my original expectations. After the unusual silence in the first half of the year, the market confidence in the second half of the year ignited the fire of hope. Then, will the market's rise be continued, and where are the hot spots of the next wireless charging market segment? This article will analyze for you one by one.

At present, the public said that wireless charging, mostly said to support the wireless charging of mobile phones, low power, charging power is probably between 5 ~ 15w, the market should be the most widely. The following are all low-power wireless charging transmitters, mainly for mobile phone charging. At present, there are too few mobile phones supporting wireless charging in China. The market is still in the early stage. The market in Europe and the United States is large due to the large amount of Apple and Samsung, and the demand for wireless charging is also large. Therefore, the current analysis is mostly based on the US market. In general, the current wireless charging is still in the early stage of the market, followed by the midfield and the second half, the general acceptance of consumers is not high, in the education period, the gestation period.

    The 17-year boom led to a large number of players at the end of the 17th and early 18th years. However, the extremely lightness of the first half of the year severely dampened the enthusiasm of the market, and some new entrants withdrew. Now the boom in the second half of 18 years, the use of some products is obvious, but the wireless charging market has too many entrants, has entered the Red Sea, the big pattern, there may be Matthew effect, the big one is strong and the weak is eliminated. Large manufacturers can't finish orders, and small manufacturers' orders are not saturated.

    For example, flat-panel products have entered a white-hot, very complex style and a wide variety. The space that can be extended in design is not very large, the profit is relatively meager, the threshold is not high, and there are too many people to do, and the market is not optimistic. Take the US Amazon as an example, tablet products have been very competitive, and major brands are competing to cut prices. If it is not a big brand or a large-scale operation, the profit margin will be very low.

    At present, many manufacturers on the market have begun to turn to other forms of wireless charging, such as bracket wireless charging, car wireless charging, wireless charging treasure. The bracket type wireless charging is convenient to use, and the advantages of watching the video while charging, and benefiting the popularization of the public, so the demand is rising, and now the market share of the US Amazon is rising. Car wireless charging also has a rising space, car wireless charging is a very important part of wireless charging promotion, is the necessary equipment for wireless charging to form a closed loop, so the future will be very promising. In the near future, the inductive car wireless charger is rich in technology, so it sells very well. The experience of wireless charging treasure is not very good, because the battery capacity is limited, wireless charging has a certain loss, but can replace some of the demand, especially the shared charging market, is a very good choice.

    At present market application level, there are still very specific wireless charging products, such as: wireless Bluetooth headset charging box, wireless charging toothbrush, medical equipment, wireless charging lamps, wireless charging audio, etc. are gradually emerging. Among them, the Bluetooth headset charging box has a certain impact on the market due to the fact that Apple has not released the headset, but in the long run, this is a very good market application.

    As for the craze of wireless charging again, I personally believe that since wireless charging is still in its infancy, the continued heat will not be too long. It will continue until the end of the year, and the market will continue to precipitate in the first half of next year, slowly rising. For those who have been working hard for a long time, this boom will have a certain return, but for the latecomers, it is likely to catch up with a tail or miss it.

    From the above development law, we can initially see that wireless charging is occupied in a market and a market. Formally, from the flat panel - bracket - car - charging treasure, etc., the market is applied from the mobile phone - home - car - medical and other fields of electrical appliances. Some are gradually advancing, and some are moving in parallel. This is a very good sign and it is recommended that practitioners pay attention to trends.

    For most market entrants, the tablet charger that supports mobile phones is a start, and can be extended to other wireless charging fields. It can also be used as a brand. Channels can be used online or offline to do foreign or domestic. Everyone's focus and development range is different, and the space is still very large.

    On the other hand, in addition to the above low power, some large and medium power manufacturers are already taking the lead. The automotive field and kitchen series have gradually become the first sound, and many application scenarios can be seen at present. Regarding the next-generation wireless charging technology, magnetic resonance, although the charging distance has been greatly improved, due to technical reasons such as radiation and efficiency, it has not yet been industrialized on a large scale, but it can be concerned.

    Of course, from a certain point of view, wireless charging is a charger, mainly to charge the battery, not wireless transmission, the current decision is still in the field of terminal equipment, whether it is supported, to what extent, is still unknown. For the consumer experience, due to the inherent problems of charging efficiency and distance, there is a certain competition with flash charging and other technologies, and it is still unknown whether it can be fully popularized. What is the future development trend? Please continue to pay attention.