Why are mobile phones now charging wirelessly?

    Wireless charging is realized by the principle of magnetic field. At the beginning, because the wireless charging is not mature, most of the outer casing of the mobile phone is plastic, so it has no great influence on wireless charging, but the mobile phone manufacturer uses metal to protect the mobile phone. To make a mobile phone case, and metal will seriously affect the magnetic field, which is one of the reasons that affect wireless charging, and there are many reasons why users fear that the working principle of wireless charging will cause radiation damage to the human body. As a result, the wireless charging of the mobile phone has been silent. Then why is the use of wireless charging in mobile phones suddenly heated up?

    First and foremost, the most important factor was the release of Apple X and Apple 8 last year, because these two mobile phones have added the function of wireless charging, and as a big market in China, the number of people using Apple is very large, while other mobile phones In order to open the market and improve the competitiveness of the market, the brand has added wireless charging functions to mobile phones.

    Secondly, the previous technology is not mature. We all know that the wireless charger has a base. The previous wireless charging has neither a unified standard nor a charging base with uniform standard specifications. The chargers in various places have not been unified. This has caused people to carry the charging base with them. It is very inconvenient and the charging efficiency is slow. Nowadays, this problem is solved. It is not necessary to carry the charging device on the body as before, which satisfies the needs of people's convenient and fast charging.

    Then the material problem is solved. The mainstream material of the previous mobile phone case is changed from metal to glass. The advantage of the wireless charging function is highlighted, and the experience of charging can be perfect.

    In any case, the need for wireless charging in mobile phones has become a trend. The widespread use of wireless charging can make our mobile phone life more convenient. On the other hand, unifying wireless charging standards can also reduce the competition of various types of chargers. Waste of resources caused by it.