Why do I need wireless charging?

- Apr 17, 2018-

There are several points for wireless charging and traditional wired charging. You have to choose its advantages:

1, no thread winding, simple and beautiful, looks comfortable, higher quality of life;

2, do not often plug, put the charge that is convenient and quick, so that your mobile phone will never lack of electricity;

3. Don't worry about the incompatibility between Samsung and Apple connectors. Support standard wireless chargers such as Qi can be charged. 4. There is no risk of charging and answering phone calls, completely avoiding security problems, and can answer the phone at any time;

5, so that the battery life is longer, due to immediate charge, so that the battery does not lack of electricity, the battery life is longer.

6, do not need wired interface, many products can be made fully enclosed waterproof products.