Wireless charging other applications

The biggest market for wireless charging is the mobile phone market. Of course, there are many other application areas in addition to the mobile phone market, such as other consumer electronics market, tablet PCs, and wearable devices.

Low-power wireless charger products, home market, office market, wireless charging products embedded in the home coffee table, desks, nightstands, and office desks.

Small and medium-power applications in addition to the mobile phone market, as well as the game market, toy market, and also like the electric toothbrush +, electric shavers, and even the adult supplies market are all a huge market.

In the future, wireless charging products such as medium power are mainly the future home appliance market, and markets such as PCs, TVs, and household appliances are huge.

Future high-power wireless charging products market, such as electric car market, electricity market, industrial market and so on.

In addition, some markets with high requirements for waterproofing are a good application area for wireless charging.