4 Seconds Broken Hundred, Wireless Charging The World's First Mass-produced Smart Car Roewe MARVEL X Came


When a car encounters artificial intelligence, what kind of spark will crash? SAIC Group gave the answer. Recently, SAIC Roewe launched the "The world's first mass-produced smart car," the Roewe MARVEL X, at the 2nd Automotive Racers Conference of the "New Times and DaChuangxing". It retains 90% of the concept car design, 4 seconds to break the performance of a hundred million US sports car, 0.29 at the same level the lowest resistance coefficient. At the same time, it is the world’s first pure electric vehicle that achieves wireless charging and last-minute automatic parking.

The Past and Present of Roewe MARVEL X

The Roewe MARVEL X is the first smart new species introduced by the SAIC Group to the "innovator" practice. In 2017, SAIC held its first Innovator Conference and invited experts from the automotive industry, Internet industry leaders, media and fans to gather around the future development trend of the car, and released the concept car of the Roewe MARVEL X. Roewe "Wings of Light" Vision-E Concept. From the brewing of the concept car to the production debut of the production car, the process of SAIC Roewe's thinking and practice for the future of the car is contained. At the same time, it also attracts the best of both worlds and fully integrates the intelligence sparks of cross-domain experts and car users.

Roewe MARVEL X is another breakthrough in Roewe's practice of “new four modernizations” and a milestone in Roewe’s brand upgrade. Its launch marks Roewe's smart network strategy to enter the "3.0 high-end." This "future car" that understands consumers' travel will become a smart new species and user's soul partner in automotive consumer goods.

Roewe MARVEL X comes from the future

Roewe MARVEL X retains 90% of the concept car design, highly restored concept car appearance, it can be said that the industry's "a clear flow." In terms of performance, the Roewe MARVEL X is built with an exclusive electric vehicle architecture and equipped with an i-Drive intelligent all-wheel-drive system. It has broken four hundred seconds and its performance is comparable to a million-dollar luxury sports car. On the service, users of Roewe MARVEL X will enjoy the online and offline integrated sales service network and transparent and transparent service processes.

Thanks to smart technology, Roewe MARVEL X is the exclusive "five global No. 1": the world's first mass-produced vehicle equipped with "AR Augmented Reality Technology". Icons appear directly in the real world, making navigation more accurate and intuitive. The first production car equipped with the 3.0 version of the Internet Zebra Zhixing System, together with a 14-inch super-flying large screen and smarter human-computer interaction, allows users to experience first-hand the upgrade of Internet functions; the world’s first full-scale intelligent welcome The guest system, as long as the user is near, can automatically light and automatically adjust the seat space, welcome users to get on the train; the world's first pure electric vehicle equipped with wireless intelligent power supply system, so that electric cars into the "wireless era"; the world's first A production vehicle that will find its own parking space and park its own cars for storage will realize the exclusive experience of “artificial intelligence on behalf of the main parking”.

It is reported that Roewe MARVEL X will start pre-sale at the end of June this year and will be delivered to super users in September.