500 Units Will Be Delivered On The Market, 500km Will Be Able To Charge Wirelessly, And The Price Will Be 268,800.

On September 30th, Shanghai Science and Technology Carnival opened its operation. On the same day, Roewe's new medium-sized pure electric SUV-MARVEL X was officially launched. Its price has already been announced at the Chengdu Auto Show. The new car has a total of two models for the rear drive and the front drive for consumers to choose. The unified price after subsidy is 26.88-30.88 million yuan. At the scene of the Science and Technology Carnival, a delivery ceremony was held, and the first batch was delivered to 500 units.

car wireless charger.jpeg

In terms of cruising range and charging, the official said that the maximum cruising range of MARVEL X is 500km, and it takes 40 minutes to charge 80% of the power in fast charging mode. In addition, the car also supports wireless charging.