After The Frequent Jump Ticket: Apple Wireless Charging Base / Earphone Box To Be Listed

For Apple, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X support wireless charging at that moment, which indicates their determination to develop in this technology for a long time. The goal that they want to achieve in the future is to wirelessly charge in a true sense. After the area, the direct device starts charging.

Now the foreign media gives the latest news that AirPower, which has been jumping for a long time, will be listed this year. Of course, it will be unveiled again at the September conference, and this time the last appearance was already a year ago. In order to play with this accessory (mainly heat dissipation), Apple has not stopped adjusting it.

Although the ticket has been so long, everyone still cares about AirPower. Compared with the wireless charging base currently on the market, it is more excellent in ease of use. After all, it is the first in the market to simultaneously induct multiple devices through the Qi standard. Charging accessories, which is absolutely useful for a variety of wireless charging devices, at least for fruit powder, one should not be suspenseful.

In addition, there is also an accessory to be listed this time. It has also been a long-lost ticket. It is the AirPods wireless charging box. This product, like Air Power, was last year’s trailing iPhone X, but it has not been listed yet. .

Compared to the current AirPods, this new box has two improvements. The first supports wireless charging, and the second indicator light is placed outside the body. You can clearly see the battery status.

It's unclear whether the AirPods wireless charging box is sold separately (is it compatible with a generation of AirPods), or is it bundled with a new generation of AirPods?