AirPods Wireless Charging Box Appears

- Jul 31, 2018-

Apple released iOS 12 Developer beta 5 today, and developer Guilherme Rambo discovered that it has re-emerged in the AirPods wireless charging box that has not yet been released. Apple released the AirPower charging pillow and the new AirPods wireless charging box at the same time as iPhone X last year. . The latter two products can be used together but have not been listed yet.


The new animated material shows two states of the AirPods wireless charging box. The newly added external indicator light can conveniently display the state of charge or the state of charge when not charging.

It is unclear that the product is coming, but at least it is a positive signal. In addition to the new charging box, Rambo also discovered the new AirPods device identification code AirPods 1,2 (current model is AirPods 1,1). This is the first time since the iOS 11 GM leaked out last year, the AirPods wireless charging box appears again. Message. Does this mean? As for the AirPods wireless charging box sold separately (compatible with the first generation of AirPods), or with the new generation of AirPods bundled sales is not known.