Airpods2 Supports Wireless Charging And Waterproofing, And Prices Are Soaring Again

    The new Airpods will support wireless charging and can be recharged with its own box. For many people who don't like charging, this is more convenient. Because the first generation of products can only support five hours of use time, too frequent charging does affect the experience. Once the wireless charging function is used, many people may find it better.

    In addition, the second generation of Airpods will develop a waterproof support function. Because this wireless Bluetooth headset is relatively small, and it is often put into the pocket, so there are often some embarrassing situations that fall into the washing machine. Many people have damaged their headphones for this reason. . It is said that Apple will introduce a new waterproof function to avoid unnecessary damage in life.

    Finally, everyone is the most popular, Airpods II will support the new noise reduction technology. The previous product was released in 2016 and is lacking in terms of functionality. Now Apple is expected to release a second-generation product that will be improved at this point, resulting in a better music experience.