An Experience Is Not Good Enough? Wireless Charger Group Purchase Raiders

- May 21, 2018-

Some people say that wireless chargers are really addictive. However, wireless chargers are not truly wireless, but they have strict requirements on the charging distance. The limit distance for Qi wireless charging standards is 10mm. To remove the thickness of the mobile phone case, you can only charge the charging tray.

Due to the limitations of wireless chargers, there is a lot of inconvenience in using a single wireless charger. For example, if a wireless charger is used in a living room, you have to take out the wireless charger in the bedroom. For example, if you use a wireless charger in your office, you have to bring it from home. In this way, the experience is greatly reduced. To achieve wireless charging in multiple scenarios, it is necessary to have several wireless chargers at the same time.


For example, in the bedroom of a bedroom at home, this is a scene that does not require too much charging time. You can choose a product like Keliway's minimalist wireless charger. The size is slim and light; the overall minimalist design makes the color value control virtually unresistive. Force; support 10W fast charge, faster than the old 5W charging speed; when the battery is full, it automatically goes to sleep, support anti-overcharge protection, charging overnight is not afraid of hurting the battery.


Many people have the habit of playing mobile phones before going to bed. When you're drowsy, you'll have to find a phone charger plugged in. If it's a Type-C connector, you can plug it on both sides. If it's a Micro USB connector, you have to confirm the front and back to plug it in. . Sometimes the charger is plugged into the phone and the sleepy worms run away. Put a Keliway wireless on the bedside table, charging before bed is very convenient, to sleep, put the phone up.