Anjie Wireless Is Authorized By WiTricity Wireless Charging Technology

    According to foreign media reports, wireless charging field pioneer WiTricity announced that it has reached an intellectual property licensing agreement with China's automotive supplier Anjie Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. (AnjieWireless). Under the terms of the agreement, Anjie Wireless will receive WiTricity's patented magnetic resonance technology and industry-leading design to develop a high-efficiency electric vehicle (EV) wireless charging system and commercialize the system for sale to leading Chinese automotive manufacturers. Brand.

    Most car manufacturers around the world are expanding car electrification, making car charging more convenient, seamless and efficient is an important part of improving the penetration of electric vehicles in China and abroad and accelerating the deployment of autonomous vehicles.

    WiTricity's DRIVE11 system, based on the company's patented magnetic resonance technology, has a power of 11 kW and is comparable in efficiency to most plug-in chargers.

    China is marching toward pure electric future. Officials predict that by 2040, gasoline vehicles will be completely banned. Chinese consumers have already used electric vehicles in large quantities, and sales are expected to exceed one million by the end of 2018. A recent McKinsey report said that China currently has a larger electric vehicle market - mainly electric vehicles (BEVs) - larger than the combined Europe and the United States.

    Anjie Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzhou Anjie Technology Co., Ltd. to seize the opportunity of the global electric vehicle market. Anjie Wireless is responsible for the development, production and sale of automotive components and charging infrastructure for wireless charging. Its parent company is a diversified manufacturer of high value-added materials and components for automotive manufacturers and consumer electronics companies.

    Standardization is essential for large-scale deployment of wireless charging, so WiTricity actively participates in the Chinese electric vehicle ecosystem to develop wireless charging for electric vehicles by cooperating with China Automotive Technology Research Center (CATARC) and China Electricity Council (CEC). National Standard" (GB standard).