Apple AirPods 2 Latest News: Support Wireless Charging, 15 Minutes Can Be Full

- Mar 12, 2019-

    In the competition of the electronic market, Apple has always been a very strong opponent. There are two main reasons for Apple's strength. First of all, everyone knows that Apple's system is very easy to use, and the core technology is very good. In addition, Apple is also very exciting, and its supporting facilities are also very easy to use. Take AirPods released in 2016, this time is even more popular than the IPhone7 released in the same period. Now, after two years, AirsPods has been upgraded. According to reports, Apple will hold a press event on March 25, and in terms of hardware, Apple will release an upgraded version of AirPods AirPods2.

wireless charging

    Compared with the first generation, although the changes of the second generation are not large, due to the size of the wireless headset, a small change can bring a new experience to the user. First of all, in terms of appearance, the second generation will be innovative on the basis of the first generation, the surface will be matte design, with a matte texture, the charging box will be heavier than the previous generation. In the color matching, there will be no more white color, it will be equipped with black and white two colors, and one more choice. At the same time, the second generation will be equipped with a wireless charging box and slightly longer than the previous generation.

    Secondly, in terms of function, the second generation is more convenient. According to the previous news, AirPods2 will support Hey Siri voice command wake-up. At the same time, on the issue of the user's most concerned endurance time, it is reported that Apple's current battery technology is difficult to make a substantial breakthrough, so Apple will adopt a method to increase the charging speed to solve the problem of battery life. This is also a highlight of AirPods2. According to the news, it can fill the headset from 0 in 15 minutes in the wireless charging box.

    Finally, in terms of price, in fact, Apple has always been the more expensive brand in mobile phones. Although the price of AirPods has not been announced, we can predict the price of the second generation from the price of the first generation. Some media have predicted that it will be more expensive than the previous generation, so everyone must do what they can.