Apple AirPower Wireless Charging Station Is Expected To Be Listed In September


PingWest play reported on June 22, according to Bloomberg News, Apple originally planned to launch AirPower in June this year, but due to fever problems, the official launch of this Apple wireless charging dock is delayed.

AirPower is much more complex than the standard Qi wireless charger. According to Apple, this wireless charging product runs a streamlined version of iOS internally, which allows better management of power supplies and complex circuit systems. Charge iOS devices, Apple Watch, and AirPods headsets.

Although Apple's official did not announce AirPower's specific time to market, but according to informed sources, Apple hopes to be able to make this product available before September. In addition, since recent months, Apple has stepped up its testing of AirPower and distributed it to a number of Apple employees for experiential testing in daily life.

Compared with the current wireless charging docks on the market that require more precise alignment and charging positions, AirPower not only uses more relaxed requirements, but also can charge multiple devices at the same time, including iPhone 8, iPhone X, AirPods wireless headphones and Apple. Watch Series 3 smart watch.