Apple Charging Base Air Power Has Not Been Cut, But The Technical Problems Have Not Been Broken

    Recently, Apple's wireless charging base Air Power has been exposed to a series of engineering problems, resulting in Apple's press conference did not meet with the public, many people think that Apple will cut this product, but now, iPhone XS packaging and iOS 12.1 system code Indicates that AirPower will still be released.

    The biggest highlight of this base is that it can support iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods for charging. Apple also customized the management chip for AirPower, and the special iOS system is specially customized.

    Why is AirPower not listed yet? Apple engineers said that they also hope that AirPower will be available this month, but there are still many problems that have not been solved. For example, when multiple products are charging at the same time, the heat problem is particularly serious. This is a problem of internal circuit design. If the fever problem is not resolved, AirPower will not be listed.

    Foreign media revealed that iOS12.1 is responsible for managing the components of the billing interface that appeared when using AirPower. This indicates that Apple is still actively developing this product, but the technical problems have not been broken. In addition, the “Getting Started Guide” image that comes with the iPhone XS clearly mentions AirPower – “put the iPhone screen up on the AirPower or Qi certified wireless charger.”