Apple Has Remained Silent On The Wireless Charger Announced A Year Ago.

Apple may imagine a world without ropes and plugs, but it is difficult to achieve this vision.

A year after the launch of AirPower, the Apple wireless charging board that announced the simultaneous charging of the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods, the company’s ambition to drive future wireless power generation is mysterious. It's unclear whether Apple can fulfill its commitment to release AirPower in 2018.

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The latest news. In fact, Apple did not even mention the wireless charging function of the new iPhone during the product show. Basically all AirPower mentioned has been removed from Apple's website.

In addition, Apple declined to provide more details about the status of AirPower. A spokesperson told CNBC that if a product was not released on stage, the company had no other supplements. At the same time, Apple watchers have been speculating that Apple will not be able to succeed in the deadline for AirPower's release in 2018. On his website, Daring Fireball, Apple's John Gruber tweeted that Apple's silence is a lot, and the company is likely to be working hard to get AirPower to work like a publicity (although he uses more languages). In a future article on his website, Gruber said, "I won't be surprised. If it has been scrapped, they just don't want to say it."

A year ago, Apple brought wireless charging to the iPhone for the first time, which means you can put the device on a charging pad to fill the battery without plugging in the cable. This feature is available for third-party chargers that use the Qi (pronounced: CHEE) standard for wireless charging gadgets. Apple also provided some notices for AirPower, claiming it would help promote widespread adoption of wireless charging to meet the needs of more gadgets across the industry.

"We also think we can make the wireless charging experience even better," said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, during the 2017 iPhone X event. “This may help drive the industry forward.”