Apple Patent, Wireless Charging Each Other


The patent application name is “inductive charging between electronic devices”, and the inductive charging is wireless charging. But the current mainstream solution is to use the wireless charging base to wirelessly charge the device, and Apple wants to change this situation, and wants to charge each other.

In the patent picture, one is a patent on the MacBook, which buryes the wireless charging induction coil in three positions under the notebook keyboard: the left and right sides of the touchpad and the touchpad. You only need to put the wireless charging device in the above position to start charging. Although these locations are occupied during the use of the notebook, it is very convenient for the user of the external display.

There is also a picture of the iPad in the patent. From the illustration on the picture, Apple may also use the wireless charging design to charge the iPhone in the coming iPad.

However, there are also users who vomit their shortcomings. The wireless charging part of the notebook can only be used when the screen is open. The iPad therefore cannot use a protective cover made of metal.