Apple's Mobile Phone Innovation Is Not As Good As Before, But Why Is The Price Soaring?

    After Apple's stock price broke through trillions of dollars, the price of Apple's mobile phone also broke through 10,000 yuan. It seems that from the iPhone5s, the iPhone is more expensive every year, and for this iPhone price, many technology media have also proposed. Questioning, and Apple CEO Cook also responded, Cook said, we have always believed that if you provide a lot of innovation and value, there will be some people willing to pay for it, for us this is a We can get a reasonable return from a large enough group.

    Obviously, Cook's sentence has two meanings, one is that he still believes that Apple provides a lot of innovation, and the second is that he believes that the income is reasonable. But as a consumer, looking at all the current flagship smartphones, the innovation of the new iPhone is obviously not as good as before, but Apple still believes that it is innovating. In today’s Apple philosophy, upgrading the processor is called innovation. Renewing the features that have long existed in the Android camp is also called innovation. Apple believes that these innovations can be used to increase the price.