Apple's New Patent Allows The MacBook To Wirelessly Charge The IPhone

    On July 27, according to Sina Technology, Apple submitted a new patent application to the US Patent and Trademark website entitled "Inductive Charging between Electronic Devices." This patent describes a number of devices, one of which is about integrating an induction coil in a MacBook laptop. The induction coil has three potential positions: on either side of the touchpad or directly below the touchpad. This way you can charge your iPhone or Apple Watch by simply putting them on your laptop. Although it can be disturbed when using a laptop, people who use an external monitor, keyboard and mouse will find it very useful. Another interesting detail of this application is the mention of a device consisting only of a housing, a battery and an induction coil. We all know Apple's AirPower wireless charger, but the patent mentions that the charger will have its own battery memory for use on the go.