Apple's New Patent Exposure: Remote Wireless Charging Intelligent Scheduling


Recently, the US Patent and Trademark Office published a series of Apple patent applications involving wireless power transmission and a unique scheduling system.

The first patent is a multi-port power adapter that can power multiple electronic devices. The adapter is in two modes: wired charging and wireless charging. The second patent is a remote charging device, which is divided into a remote transmitter and receiver. The iPhone and iPad can also be recharged away from the charging dock.

We know that wireless charging is currently facing a lot of technical problems, first of all, the charging power is limited, followed by the limited distance of wireless. When you have multiple devices that need to be recharged, adding wireless charging at the same time will make the efficiency lower. The farther away the wireless charging transmitter is, the lower the charging efficiency will become.

And Apple put forward a bold idea, the new patent shows a "wireless charging intelligent scheduling system", in the traditional charging scene is basically "put down the charging", "take up the end" form, and the intelligent scheduling system can be based on Different settings to arrange the charging status of different devices.


Users can set the charging priority of different Apple devices in a specific order, such as system settings, so that the most urgently needed iPhone is charged first, then Apple Watch, then iPad.

Users can also set more complex charging preferences, such as - when the iPad is less than 25% charged, start charging; you can also charge according to your calendar and reminders, such as the calendar shows you go out next Monday morning, Then the system will fully charge the iPhone on Sunday night.

Apple's long-distance charging technology has been exposed a few years ago, and is constantly trying to practice. AirPower, which was released in 2018, can be regarded as a basic experimental field. In the future, we hope to see Apple achieve remote wireless charging on the AirPower 2 generation.

As for the magical "wireless charging intelligent dispatching system" in the new patent, it is also very valuable, but it requires very tight interconnection between devices, and requires better AI and accurate program to control it. Not small, but at least Apple has come up with a very creative solution, maybe we will see it in the wireless charging black technology in the future.