Apple’s Silence On Wireless Chargers May Not Be Released As Promised

- Sep 17, 2018-

    Apple may have envisaged a world without wires and plugs, but achieving that vision was difficult, CNBC reported on September 16.

    A year ago, Apple introduced wireless charging pad AirPower, which can charge iphones, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

    A year later, the company kept quiet about its ambitions to promote wireless charging.It's also unclear whether apple can live up to its promise to release AirPower in 2018.

    On Wednesday, the company released its new iPhone product line, the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, but failed to provide an update on the AirPower charger.

In fact, apple didn't even mention the new iphone's wireless charging feature at the event, and almost everything about AirPower has been removed from apple's website.

    More confusingly, apple declined to provide further details about AirPower.

A spokesman told reporters that the product was not officially released and that the company had no further information.


    John Gruber, an influential blogger on apple products who often reports on the company's news on his website, Daring Fireball, said on twitter that apple's silence was significant and that the company might be working to implement AirPower's previously advertised features.

In a post on his website later, gruber said, "" I wouldn't be surprised if AirPower was announced to cancel, only apple doesn't want to say that yet." "

    A year ago, apple introduced wireless charging technology into the iPhone for the first time, allowing users to place the phone on a charging pad and fill the battery without plugging in a charging line, a feature that applies to third-party wireless charging accessories that meet the Qi standard.

Apple also predicted that the launch of Airpower would help drive the widespread adoption of wireless charging technology in more devices across the industry."" we also think we can make the wireless charging experience even better, which could help drive the whole industry forward," "Phil Schiller, apple's senior vice President of worldwide marketing, said in announcing AirPower at the 2017 iPhone X launch.

    The biggest benefit of AirPower is that users with multiple apple devices no longer need to carry different chargers for each device, Schiller said.

AirPower also supports enabling software on the iPhone that allows users to monitor the charging status of each device.

    Apple, of course, there are more time before the end of the 2018 officially launched AirPower, but in fact it has limited the message about wireless charging, but in fact, the company has been on the news about wireless charging, and delete the content of the mentioned AirPower on its web site also convey a message to us: apple, before really realize the function of AirPower have a lot of work to do.If apple fails to release AirPower as scheduled by the end of the year, it will miss the deadline to delay the launch again.

    Last year, apple failed to launch the speaker connected to the HomePod in December and pushed back its release date to February.

    n 2016, apple also delayed the release of the iPhone wireless headset AirPods, which were originally supposed to ship in October of that year but eventually went on sale in December.