Apple's Wireless Charger AirPower Comes And Can Wirelessly Charge The IPhone

- Apr 11, 2018-

This wireless charger was unveiled with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in September last year, and can charge multiple Apple devices at the same time.


At last autumn's new product launch conference, Apple released a new wireless charger, AirPower, which has been widely watched since its debut. However, the time to market has been confusing. This has made some users very anxious.

Now, foreign media has given accurate news, AirPower will be determined to be listed in March of this year, and AirPods wireless charging box is expected to be listed together.

It is reported that AirPower is the first accessory on the market that uses the Qi standard to inductively charge multiple devices at the same time. It can also wirelessly charge Apple Watch, AirPods storage box and the new iPhone. However, this product has one of the biggest drawback is that when wireless charging, can not play while charging mobile phone. However, in the very messy environment of the charging line, this device can really bring a more refreshing feeling to the environment.

In addition, according to the power of third-party wireless charging board provided by Apple's official website, AirPower's wireless charging power should be 7.5W, which is much faster than the 5V/1A wired charging speed. Although there are many third-party wireless charging products on the market today, it is still a bit more difficult than AirPower. After all, AirPower “understands” its own products. AirPower must start with fruit powder. It should be noted that Apple is still "dominant" as always. Some sources pointed out that AirPower does not support wireless charging for devices other than Apple products.

At present, we do not know the related pricing of AirPower. A Polish dealer stated that this wireless charging accessory is likely to be priced at $199