ASUS Launches New Gaming Mouse Pad With Qi Wireless Charging Function

- Jun 06, 2018-

According to the American technology media The Verge reported on June 4, Asustek recently released a new gaming mouse pad called ROG Balteus.

Obviously, such technical masterpieces cannot simply be labeled with ordinary "mouse pads." This mouse pad is designed for gamers and comes with a Qi wireless charger. In addition to this additional function, ROG Balteus has also abandoned the landscape layout adopted by ordinary mouse pads and instead adopted a higher portrait layout. Asus said that this design will help the player to use the mouse more comfortably without having to constantly move back and forth on the mouse pad as before.


In fact, there are two versions of ROG Balteus: one is a standard version with 15 LED lights; the other is an upgraded version with the above Qi wireless charger added in the upper right corner to charge the mobile phone directly on the computer. In addition, if you want to plug in another charger or wired mouse, both mouse pads have a USB Type A port through.

Technically speaking, ROG Balteus is not the first mouse pad equipped with a Qi charger. There is also the Takieso Graft Design MousePad +, which is made of soft felt and leather, and Corsair's MM1000 Qi wireless charging mouse pad. But Asustek seems to be the first company to provide LED lighting and charging functions on the mouse pad at the same time, which once again proves that technological advances will never stop and there will always be shocking things happen.

The pricing and listing date of ROG Balteus is uncertain, but Asustek said it should be available soon.