BMW Takes The Lead In Wireless Charging Technology For 530e IPerformance Models

Recently, BMW officially announced that it will launch wireless charging technology to complete the charging of the vehicle in a non-contact manner through the magnetic field generated by the charging induction station and the vehicle. It is reported that the high voltage battery will be fully charged in about three and a half hours. The upcoming new BMW 530e iPerformance model will be the first production model to adopt wireless charging technology.


BMW wireless charging is available for customers to choose. It can be installed in garage or outdoor ground charging station (GroundPad). At the same time, the vehicle's bottom will be fixed with auxiliary charging unit (CarPad). The non-contact energy transmission between GroundPad and CarPad is about 8cm. Within a short distance. GroundPad generates a magnetic field, induces current in the CarPad, and then charges the high voltage battery.


The system has a charging power of 3.2 kW, which allows the high-voltage battery on the BMW 530e iPerformance to be fully charged in about three and a half hours. The efficiency is up to 85%, and it uses inductive charging technology. These technologies have been widely used to power equipment such as mobile phones and electric toothbrushes. Now they can also charge high-voltage batteries in electric vehicles.


Drivers no longer need to use cable to connect plug-in hybrid vehicles to supplement their energy reserves. Instead, the charging process begins as soon as the vehicle is parked in the correct position above the inductive charging station and then simply presses the start/stop button. When the battery is fully charged, the system will automatically shut down.


BMW wireless charging can also help drivers navigate to the correct parking position. Via the WiFi connection, the communication between the charging station and the vehicle is established. A top view of the vehicle and its surroundings appears on the control display with colored lines to help guide the driver when parking. The graphic icon shows when the correct parking position for inductive charging has been reached.

GroundPad can be installed outdoors and can be used regardless of the weather. All conductive components are protected against rain and snow. During charging, ambient electromagnetic radiation is limited to the vehicle chassis. If any foreign objects are found, GroundPad will be permanently monitored and turned off. The BMW Group can also provide installation services for BMW wireless charging as required.