BMW This Summer For The New 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid Version With Wireless Charging

- May 14, 2018-

Recently, according to foreign media reports, BMW's wireless inductive charging system will be put into production in July this year. It will be available in Europe at the end of the summer and will be the first to become the optional configuration of the new BMW 5 series plug-in hybrid version. It is reported that in Europe, the system will be provided to consumers by leasing.


BMW's wireless sensor system is divided into two parts, one installed in the floor or parking space, and the other installed in the vehicle chassis. The floor coil pad size is approximately 35 inches long, 31.5 inches wide, and 2.4 inches thick. The chassis coil pad is approximately 11.8 inches square and 0.8 inches thick, and the floor mat must be plugged into a 220V socket. The wireless charging system provides 3.2 kW of charging power and can fully charge the new 5 Series plug-in hybrid version in 3.5 hours. Currently, the i Wallbox provided by BMW has a charging power of 3.7 kW and a fully charged time of 3 hours.


With regard to how to stop accurately, BMW can help the driver park the vehicle on the wireless charging coil cushion on the display screen in the car. Near the mat, two blue lines appear on the screen to indicate the location of the wireless charging coil and the travel path, and then an image of the wireless charging coil appears on the screen. When the driver places a green ball representing the car on the blue circle representing the coil on the floor mat, pressing the button in the car can start charging. The user can view the charging progress on the mobile phone App. If the charging mat detects an interfering object such as a cat, it automatically shuts down. It is said that it emits less electromagnetic radiation than the electric furnace