Car Wireless Charging Trilogy, Which Direction Is The Future Of Manufacturers?

Although the future is full of uncertainty, people are always keen to imagine new life that has not been experienced. As early as 100 years ago, some people have proposed the concept of wireless charging, and various applications of it have emerged in an endless stream. As large as cars, equipment, small to mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, as long as the electric drive items seem to be able to relate to wireless charging technology. Nowadays, wireless charging of mobile phones has become a reality. What kind of situation is the wireless charging of cars?


From the current market performance, car wireless charging is mainly divided into three cases:

First, the traditional car is equipped with a car wireless charger;

Second, the main body is still a traditional car, but the internal design has a special wireless charging area for mobile phones;

Third, power-driven new energy electric vehicles, while supporting wireless charging as one of its main charging methods.

The first type of in-vehicle wireless charging, which is more similar to the retrofit device, belongs to the car's accessories. At the SEMA show in 2010, Audi exhibited wireless charging accessories for cars in cooperation with Qualcomm and Peiker. At this time, Volkswagen's ERL lab is also doing wireless charging console research similar to Power Mat. These are early car wireless. Charging products.