Continental Group Exhibits Automatic Wireless Charging Technology For The First Time In China

    In the 2018 Continental China Technology Experience Day event, Continental Group exhibited the first inductive charging technology for electric vehicles in China.

    With the help of Continental's micro-navigation technology, the driver only needs to park the car above the charging board. When the car is close to the parking lot with the inductive charging device, it will automatically authenticate with the charging station. The HMI guides the driver to park the car in the correct position and confirms that charging begins. The charging power is wirelessly transmitted to the receiving board at the bottom of the electric vehicle through the ground charging pad.

    The vehicle-mounted inductive charging system includes a receiver board, power electronics, controllers, and a human-machine interface to help the driver accurately stop. Through this integrated inductive charging technology, the electric car can be charged at a rate of up to 11 kW, and at a charging rate of 11 kW, it can supply the required amount of electricity for one kilometer per minute of charging.

    In addition, another major feature of this inductive charging technology is safety. Once the identity is passed and the car is parked above the ground charging pad, the charging pad begins to charge. It takes only a few seconds from the start of charging to the full output of the current. If the system detects foreign matter entering between the two charging plates at the bottom of the car, the charging will stop immediately.