Designers Develop Smart Desk Lamp Rise For Remote Control And Wireless Charging

    Recently, according to foreign media reports, British designers have developed a smart desk lamp Rise. Not only is it a mobile lighting table lamp, it is also a wireless and wired charging desk lamp with a top for wireless charging and a bottom for charging via a data cable.

    It is reported that the user can use the mobile APP remote console light, through the APP can set a "sunrise mode", let the light slowly illuminate the room, mimicking the rising sun. In addition, with its touch dimmer, the user can also adjust its light intensity, whether it is the soft light required for the party, or the light required for reading, or the ambient light at the bedside, it can meet the user's requirements. Of course, its other big function is to act as a power source to charge the phone. With regard to its battery life, it can be used for 12 hours on a single charge to meet the needs of different users.

    In addition, Rise's humanization features are also reflected in many other aspects: such as automatic lighting and ultra-wide lighting. In many cases, most users are unable to determine whether they should turn on the lights or read the words when they can see the words, causing the vision to drop. Therefore, Rise is equipped with an automatic light-on function. When the infrared detection sensor detects that the user is seated, it will automatically turn on the light immediately, and in addition to touching the light, in the light-on mode, the user will automatically turn off the light after leaving for 30 minutes. .

    In short, with it, users can easily take it wherever you need light, whether it is in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, or even outdoors.