Doolight Smart Chandelier Is Coming, Support Alexa Voice Control And Wireless Charging

    For everyday life, the light source is not only as simple as lighting, but also has a profound impact on mood, mood, sleep quality and even happiness. Recently, the designer developed a smart chandelier Doolight. In addition to providing the most basic lighting, it is equipped with intelligent lighting control system and professional lighting solutions, so that you can enjoy the right light source at all times.


    It is reported that in the use of materials, this detachable smart chandelier shell uses a translucent soft silicone, in addition to providing a good diffuse lighting effect, but also play a role in anti-fall, waterproof. One benefit of being able to disassemble at any time is that when temporary lighting is required, simply "pick" the next light bulb from the chandelier base. In addition, each bulb has a built-in battery and a wireless charging coil that can be wirelessly charged by simply hanging it on the base.

charger light

    In terms of operation and use, its switch can be completed by touch the base, while supporting Alexa voice control. Of course, the user can also pre-set the lighting mode (such as lighting intensity, color, etc.) according to his own habits and preferences, and adjust it directly when needed.

    Finally, Doolight's built-in smart system can also record past usage and learn. Over time, you can automatically adjust the light source mode as needed without any adjustments. However, this smart chandelier is not cheap, it costs about $149.