Easelink Demonstrates Wireless Charging Technology At EMove360° For BMW I3

- Oct 18, 2018-

car wirless charger

Austrian startup Easelink launched its own charging solution, Matrix Charging, which is now ready to be used in cars. According to foreign media reports, Easelink recently used a BMW i3 car to prove its cable-free, charging pad-based charging station.

On October 16th, local time, the Munich International European New Energy Vehicle Expo eMove360° officially opened. The startup is aimed at professional audiences, so they chose to show their electric vehicle wireless charging technology at the exhibition. Easelink exhibited its Matrix Charging charging technology on a BMW i3.

According to reports, the charging solution debuted at the IAA show in 2017, including a charging pad fixed to the ground and a connector. The connector is automatically connected to the charging pad and is not connected to the bottom of the electric car so that the wireless charging process can be started automatically.

According to Easelink, its fast charging solution has a DC power of 43 kW, an AC power of 22 kW and a transmission efficiency of 99%. Nonetheless, this solution has a degree of inaccuracy in charging power and efficiency due to the cellular structure of the charging connection.

Easelink CEO Hermann Stockinger stressed that the company has all the necessary patents for the charger. In addition, their solutions are easy to install and, more importantly, easy to retrofit, which has aroused great interest from the industry. In addition to its application to BMW models, Stockinger said they are still in contact with a Chinese high-end car brand manufacturer, and that the cost-effectiveness of the charger is the company's top priority.